Thinkpad X200 Tablet
Thinkpad X200 Tablet  Thinkpad X200 Tablet  Thinkpad X200 Tablet  Thinkpad X200 Tablet 

Thinkpad X200 Tablet

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The upgraded ram and SSD lets you benefit from modern performance without the intel management engine or any proprietary firmware. The tablet version of the X200 comes with a touchscreen and noticeably better viewing angles than the standard X200. If you're worried about using a librebooted machine because of the screen, then this is the machine for you.

All of the machines I sell are FULLY encrypted. Most librebooted machines only have an encrypted root partition, but librebooted machines can have an encrypted boot partition as the bootloader is part of the firmware. My machines also come with my custom LUKS-suspend scripts, which encrypt your data when the machine suspends. I can also install these utilities on a linux os of your choice. Don't hesitate to message me before or after a purchase to request a specific setup.

This machine also comes with the latest libreboot build available with my own theme.

This machine is used  and shows minimal signs of wear. No noticeable defects impacting use were found. The photos in the listing are representative of the actual machine that will be shipped. Wifi is tested and working on Artix linux.

This machine uses my custom libreboot builds with all of the latest features from git.

You can find my builds at my github.

I believe my prices are quite fair, but understand that the cost might be prohibitive for some. If you would like to create a machine just like this one then you can email me and I will explain the process.

All of the necessary info and guides to build this machine are documented on my personal site.

If you face any issues at checkout, please let me know via email:

Work done on this machine:

  • Cleaned with air and isopropyl alcohol
  •  Installed SSD
  • Librebooted with correct MAC address
  • Upgraded cpu
  • Installed libre-compatible wifi car
  • Upgraded SOIC chip to 16MB

Note on Returns: The full cost of shipping the machine will be deducted from the refund total for returns.

Download the theme source and libreboot sourcecode for this machine here.

Please contact via email to pay with monero.

SSD Capacity 256GB
CPU Core 2 Duo Mobile

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